“The blessing of the lord makes rich and he adds no sorrow with it” (proverbs10:22)ESV. God is a personality that is full of inexhaustible blessings. This can only be received in return of what you give to him.



In the first three months of my service year I misplaced two expensive phones. It’s somehow right?. I told a friend of mine about the first one I misplaced he made a statement that got me. He said,”if truly I am a tither, I should call my phone back in Jesus name. ” couldn’t do that because I knew I was guilty. Few weeks later I misplaced the new one I got. Found it so hard to even tell my friend but then, he later got to know and he made another statement. he said, “Beware of devourers and start paying your Tithes”. Since then, till this moment I took Tithes seriously and I’ve been seeing results.

Many people act under a closed heaven because they don’t store their treasures, where devourers won’t have access.


Be wise, even if you give to the poor often, help people in need and so on. It can never be compared to you giving your Maker what he deserves.

Paying Tithes as a believer, makes you who you truly are.
Those who give to the lord will never lack anything good but when you act otherwise you give room for devourers in your life.
Hope you know you can’t pray against devourers. Start operating under open heavens today as you start doing the right thing.then,you can start enjoying his forever new mercies.
Wish you a very happy Sunday and new week.
God bless you.


IMG_20170901_015736_581There was this young man that got married few years ago and fortunately for him, his wife put to bed a year after their wedding. This man had been telling everyone the name he was going to name his first born, it was an English name, surprisingly to us all the name given to the child was ‘Olamide’ which means ‘wealth has come’. So I was curious, and I have to ask him the reason behind the name given to the baby. He smiled. He said it was the situation and the happenings surrounding the baby’s pregnancy that made him name the child ‘Olamide’. Since, it was during that time he got a new job, new car, started his own building project and so on. So, he had to name his son ‘Olamide’.

No matter the situation surrounding your name either good or bad, there is always a name that is above all. The name had been given decades ago but its ever fresh and ever sweet.

Phillipians2:10 “so that at the name of JESUS every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth.” (ESV)

Jesus is the only name that can turn situations around for good, other names can only be given for what has happened but only the name of Jesus can be used even at the present moment to deliver, heal, break chains, conquer, open doors and even can be used for the future.

How lovely it would have been if everyone could come to the understanding of this name and also to believe in him alone.

No wonder the bible says in Romans10:9b “and believe in your heart that God raised him from dead, you will be saved” (ESV)

Believe, is when you solely lean on him. Knowing that you have no other place to go to apart from him and him alone.


We all have to come to the understanding of choosing Jesus above all else.

The psalmist saysIMG_20170901_024501_156

The deer pants for waters because that is the place of survival, can you make Jesus your all and leave it all to him alone.


Do not be denied of the power in the name of Jesus. Activate the power in his name with faith, into any situation and you shall testify.



…Making JESUS known to all

Why worry?

So many times I see people worried about how to become rich, whom to marry, career, future, job, who to trust, good friends and so on.
What baffles me is that it seems they don’t know:
Money says….Jesus directs me Marriage says….Jesus is my author
Career says….Jesus is my boss
Future says….Jesus owns me
Job says….Jesus provides me
Trust says….Jesus is trustworthy
Friend says….Jesus is the best friend ever.

JESUS has it all
” many people struggle to have little clay instead, patner with the potter(JESUS) who can make mansions out of the clay ”

All you need today is to seek him and let him be known to you that he also may know you.
“Seek the lord while he may be found;call upon him while he is near” Isaiah 55:6.
Then, you can boldly say ‘I HAVE it ALL’

You are welcome

IMG_20170824_203735_846I am boluwatife Olagunju.
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I am a happy person filled with energy.
I love smiling, playing and making trouble.
I love Jesus and its my wish for everyone to know him in personIMG_20170829_114308_558

I love you, I believe every time you visit this blog, you would see and read something here that will make your day blessed.
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